Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turner McCartney–8 Months

Whoops! You guessed it! I’m still waaay behind on posting these updates. I take the pictures and jot down the things I need to remember and then, nothing. I’m going to post her 8th and 9th month updates and then do her 10 month post before she turns 11 months on the 10th. Pinky promise!!!


Picture taking has become interesting. At this point she no longer cares to smile or cooperate.

Weight: 15.5 pounds

Height: 26 inches

Clothing Size: 6 month clothes and some 9 month pjs

Diapers: Still in a size 2

Feeding: Eating lots of baby food and puffs and nursing 3-4 times a day.

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are bright blue and her hair is a little thicker and darker to me.

Sleep: She’s sleeping through the night for the most part. Aside from a few teething issues sleep has been great!

Her naps are getting better and I’m learning the hard way that we need a schedule. And I am not the schedule kinda mom. IMG_0588

Favorites: Turner Mc is loving her daddy. A major daddy phase is going on. She also loves her paci, the dogs (especially Dayne), and the cats. She’s addicted to baby crack, I mean puffs.


Fun stuff: She crawls!! My kid can totally crawl! And she has TWO teeth! It seems like she just woke up with them one day. She was fussy for maybe a week. It wasn’t bad at all.

She’s extremely vocal and loves to scream and shriek as loud as she can. She says mama and da da and she’s been perfecting her Vietnamese. She’s the most fun and her personality is awesome!



Oh yeah….remember Thanksgiving?!? She was 8 months back then.

And seriously, I love y’all!


Hilary Lane said...

Ooh, I <3 those little dimples!

Meagan said...

Sleeping through the night?! sajeiofn

Lil' Woman said...

Love that smile, she is such a cutie!

Chrissi said...

she is just adorable! and lil' woman has it right...that smile! too cute :) have a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

What a skinny minnie! P just got her two bottom teeth, and I swear, she just woke up with them one day! SURPRISE! TM is presh..and the dimples.....I die!