Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Turner Mc–9 Months

December 10th – 9 months…..IMG_1506

Weight: 15.15 pounds – she’s in the 5th percentile for her weight

Height: 27 inches – 50th percentile for height

Clothing Size: still wearing some 6 months clothes and starting to fit in some 9 month stuff

Diapers: size 2


Feeding: Let’s see….what does my child eat? Puffs and prunes. The end. Oh and of course milkies! Our pediatrician encouraged us to start feeding TM whatever we are eating as long as it’s soft. Since she’s so picky and she hasn’t gained much weight we are trying everything. She lives on prunes, puffs, and mac & cheese.

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are bright blue and her hair is a little thicker and darker to me.

Sleep: Sleep is the best it’s been. I’m finally starting to feel normal again!

Naps are a struggle but she’s starting to get on a schedule and it seems to be helping.


Favorites: The child LOVES books. She’s still loving bath time, her daddy, the dogs and cats. She’s really in to giving love and screaming loudly any chance she gets! She also loves brushing her teeth and doing anything I tell her not to do.



Fun stuff: She’s crawling all over the place! It’s so much fun to watch! She’s pulling up on everything and now that she’s mobile I never get any rest. I say “no-no” at least 737 times a day.

She’s working on some new teeth – the top two – so that’s fun.


That completes our 9 months…..I’m almost caught up y’all!! Thanks for being awesome readers and hanging around. You rock!!


Lizzy said...

She is too cute!!! I want to steal her from you! I'll trade TM for Lucas who eats A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. He eats most of my food before I even get a bite!

Meagan said...

She's such a little peanut!