Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turner Mc’s 1st Birthday

Almost 6 months ago my baby girl turned 1. And 6 months later I’m posting her party pics. Because I’m an awesome mom! Yay me!!

All good parties need a theme. And when it came time to decide on one, I was struck with brilliance. I had a fabulous idea. I called Bert to inform him of my fantabulous party idea and he shot it down. Why you ask? Because he thought I was taking it too far. The theme?? The Beatles. You know they have that cute little album with the “1” and I was all, “she’s turning one and the cd cover has a one on it and it’s destiny.” And he was all, “people are going to think we’re crazy and over the top and taking it too far.” And I was all, “ her name is Turner MCCARTNEY.” And so it was decided. :)

Now we had the theme (and a cd cover) and I needed to make it happen. I googled Beatles birthday party and low and behold!! It had been done. So I did what any good party planner would do and I copied most everything this awesome mom did.

Now I’ll overload you with pics!

PicMonkey Collage

SIL constructed the cute “yellow submarines” out of twinkies and mini m&ms. I loved the way her cake turned out!


I made the fabulous banner all on my own! There was also another piece that said Turner McCartney but apparently I didn’t find it necessary to photograph that part. *This only took approximately 73.8 hours to finish – I’m slightly challenged in the craft department.*


I totally ripped off most of the menu items but a couple are Denton originals.



I was a total hot mess at the party because I was literally hanging decorations as people were walking in the door. *Can I please take this moment to say, as someone who is chronically late, I’m really peeved by people who are early. Especially to any event I am hosting. Please note that I realize this is ridiculous but it is what it is.*


TM enjoyed opening presents for all of 3.2 minutes.



Overall her first birthday was a success. And if crafting is going to be involved I need to get started on her next party now. So if you have any fabulous ideas I can rip off please let me know! I included the link for the “inspiration” for this awesome party. Please don’t look at it as it will make my party look pathetic!

Love y’all!

Party Inspiration