Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turner Mc’s 1st Birthday

Almost 6 months ago my baby girl turned 1. And 6 months later I’m posting her party pics. Because I’m an awesome mom! Yay me!!

All good parties need a theme. And when it came time to decide on one, I was struck with brilliance. I had a fabulous idea. I called Bert to inform him of my fantabulous party idea and he shot it down. Why you ask? Because he thought I was taking it too far. The theme?? The Beatles. You know they have that cute little album with the “1” and I was all, “she’s turning one and the cd cover has a one on it and it’s destiny.” And he was all, “people are going to think we’re crazy and over the top and taking it too far.” And I was all, “ her name is Turner MCCARTNEY.” And so it was decided. :)

Now we had the theme (and a cd cover) and I needed to make it happen. I googled Beatles birthday party and low and behold!! It had been done. So I did what any good party planner would do and I copied most everything this awesome mom did.

Now I’ll overload you with pics!

PicMonkey Collage

SIL constructed the cute “yellow submarines” out of twinkies and mini m&ms. I loved the way her cake turned out!


I made the fabulous banner all on my own! There was also another piece that said Turner McCartney but apparently I didn’t find it necessary to photograph that part. *This only took approximately 73.8 hours to finish – I’m slightly challenged in the craft department.*


I totally ripped off most of the menu items but a couple are Denton originals.



I was a total hot mess at the party because I was literally hanging decorations as people were walking in the door. *Can I please take this moment to say, as someone who is chronically late, I’m really peeved by people who are early. Especially to any event I am hosting. Please note that I realize this is ridiculous but it is what it is.*


TM enjoyed opening presents for all of 3.2 minutes.



Overall her first birthday was a success. And if crafting is going to be involved I need to get started on her next party now. So if you have any fabulous ideas I can rip off please let me know! I included the link for the “inspiration” for this awesome party. Please don’t look at it as it will make my party look pathetic!

Love y’all!

Party Inspiration


Danielle Smith said...

her party was so cute!

grizaham said...

That is probably the COOLEST kid birthday party I have ever seen. You did an AWESOME job!

grizaham said...

crap just realized i am signed in as my husband! Sorry! Its LG from Grizas!

Nikki said...

Her party looks fabulous! You did an awesome job! She is just a doll :)

Meagan said...

What a cute theme! If you ever invite me to a party I promise to be late :) or I'll help you craft and decorate and then be late :)

Jenny Strickland said...

Cute party idea!!! LOVE IT!!!

I am the same way... I HATE when people show up early to an event I am hosting...

We had a few guests arrive an hour and a half early to our wedding... It was while we were taking pictures and I was so mad!!!!!

Joanna said...

cutest party theme ever!!


Chrissi said...

so, so cute! i love the theme :) happy birthday ;)