Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Got Back

Okay so not a lot of back but I don’t have a lot to work with these days. The post baby body was something that I never really thought about until I was super pregnant. I’ve always been small so I wasn’t too concerned about what my body would look like after being pregnant for basically 10 months. So let’s get to it.

*I’m almost 18 months post partum and I’m just now sharing this. Oh well, it is what it is!*

I’m pretty sure that I thought immediately after birthing Turner Mc that my tummy would be flat. I was not so much prepared to still look 6 months pregnant. Once my epidural wore off I had to go see what I looked like, and take pictures of course! Consider yourselves warned.



Check out my linea nigra on the second picture. Sexy!! I will say that my crooked dark line is almost completely gone - ummmmm a year and a half later. I share these terrifying photos with you so that if you’re knocked up and have no clue what to expect post baby you can now have nightmares, and maybe be better prepared. No need to thank me!

Let’s move on….I will say that I dropped my baby weight fairly quickly. *Please note that I am way too lazy to exercise and any weight I lost was a direct result of exclusively breastfeeding and my inability to find the time to eat.* I was looking a little malnourished towards the end of my almost 14 months of nursing – I lost all my baby weight plus an additional 10 pounds. It was a little unfortunate.

After Turner Mc completely drained me and finally decided she was over nursing I got a good idea of what my new body was going to look like. Picture with me if you will….me with deflated boobs. Awesome huh?! So I really didn’t want this to turn in to a boob post but alas! It has. I gained a cup size and lost 3. How does that happen you ask?! Well it’s simple. You nurse for 13.8 months. I see a little plastic surgery in my future. So if you see a picture of me and think “Wow! I wonder if Brittany got her boobs done?” then I probably did. But if it’s in the next 3 years I’ve just discovered an awesome push up bra.

So other than the unfortunate boob situation I will have to say that for the most part I am “back to normal.” If there is such a thing. I have a few stretch marks on my thighs (and boobs of course), and my belly is a little wrinkly – it’s weird. Not flabby but not tight, just wrinkly.

So there you have it. The post baby body of Brittany. How did you survive 18 months without this information? No need to thank me. I enjoy sharing all this ridiculously embarrassing information with y’all!