Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 Months Old!

Turner McCartney is 4 months old….okay was 4 months on July 10th. Yes I’m a major failure….


4 months is way cooler than the last 3 months! This is by far my favorite age!


Weight: 13 pounds

Height: 24 inches

Clothing Size: Mostly 3 month clothes but some 6 month pajamas

Diapers: We just moved up to size 2 diapers.


Feeding: With the new j-o-b I’m back to barely keeping up! She usually eats between 12 and 16 oz at the sitters during the day and she’s nursing once in the am and twice at night. Sometimes she still gets up for a 2 am feeding.

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are still blue. Her hair is strawberry blonde and it looks different every day. I think she might be losing some of her hair so fingers crossed for no bald spots!

Sleep: Oh how I loathe bedtime. Getting her to sleep is such a struggle but once she’s finally asleep she sleeps through the night. Maybe. Sometimes. Unless John Paul is at work. Then it’s up at least once a night.

Favorites: We still love bath time and I assume this will always be a fav. She loves strolling in her big girl stroller. Sophie the giraffe is another favorite.

Fun stuff: At 4 months we’ve tried out the bouncy activity center thingy and she loves that. She also really loves to watch TV. There, I said it. Judge me…..are you done?? Because she totally watches educational stuff like Baby Einstein and maybe she watches Disney Jr. Maybe.

She also sleeps on her stomach a lot. There’s no preventing it. She flips over in her sleep and she seems to sleep much better when we let her do her own thing.

She rolls over from her back to her stomach but she won’t roll from her stomach to her back which is super weird because it seems like that would be much easier. She’s starting to hold her own bottle some and just yesterday (August 1st) she sat up by herself without falling over! Yay Team Turner Mc!

So basically to sum it all up….my kid rocks! She’s a child genius and we can’t get enough of her!