Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turner Mc–10 Months

January 10th – 10 months old……

It’s crazy how fast time goes by. And how uninterested TM was with having her picture made. IMG_1517

She’s more interested in standing up and cruising around holding on to things and walking all over the house.


Weight: 16.5 lbs

Height: 27 inches

Clothing Size: Mostly 9 months clothes. She has a teeny butt and a lot of the pants are too big in the waist.

Diapers: size 2


Feeding: Her appetite has gotten so much better. She’s starting to eat a lot more and she’s not nearly as picky as she was. She still loves her some mac & cheese. Cheerios, fruit loops, bananas are also favs.

She’s nursing 3 or 4 times a day and taking formula on occasion.

Hair/Eyes: Blue eyes. Dark strawberry blonde hair.

Sleep: She’s sleeping mostly through the night. Other than when she’s been teething, she sleeps great. It hasn’t been hard to get her to sleep so that’s been great.

Naps are getting better too. She naps in the morning for about 2 hours and another hour or so nap in the late afternoon.


Favorites: She loves looking at herself in the mirror. She’s still loving books and bath time; her paci, the dogs, her activity table, and she’s starting to notice her baby dolls.


Fun stuff: Turner Mc is starting to take a couple steps. She’ll walk maybe 2 steps and then fall into your arms or sit down and crawl. And lets talk about her teeth. She got the top 2 and maybe a week later she got 2 more on top. It was crazy fast!

She’s starting to talk a lot more. She says Dayne, no-no, mama, da da, nan nan and kitty. She’s all about giving love. I can tell her to give her baby love and she opens her mouth wide and slobbers all over it!


She’s so much fun and she’s hilarious!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Turner Mc–9 Months

December 10th – 9 months…..IMG_1506

Weight: 15.15 pounds – she’s in the 5th percentile for her weight

Height: 27 inches – 50th percentile for height

Clothing Size: still wearing some 6 months clothes and starting to fit in some 9 month stuff

Diapers: size 2


Feeding: Let’s see….what does my child eat? Puffs and prunes. The end. Oh and of course milkies! Our pediatrician encouraged us to start feeding TM whatever we are eating as long as it’s soft. Since she’s so picky and she hasn’t gained much weight we are trying everything. She lives on prunes, puffs, and mac & cheese.

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are bright blue and her hair is a little thicker and darker to me.

Sleep: Sleep is the best it’s been. I’m finally starting to feel normal again!

Naps are a struggle but she’s starting to get on a schedule and it seems to be helping.


Favorites: The child LOVES books. She’s still loving bath time, her daddy, the dogs and cats. She’s really in to giving love and screaming loudly any chance she gets! She also loves brushing her teeth and doing anything I tell her not to do.



Fun stuff: She’s crawling all over the place! It’s so much fun to watch! She’s pulling up on everything and now that she’s mobile I never get any rest. I say “no-no” at least 737 times a day.

She’s working on some new teeth – the top two – so that’s fun.


That completes our 9 months…..I’m almost caught up y’all!! Thanks for being awesome readers and hanging around. You rock!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turner McCartney–8 Months

Whoops! You guessed it! I’m still waaay behind on posting these updates. I take the pictures and jot down the things I need to remember and then, nothing. I’m going to post her 8th and 9th month updates and then do her 10 month post before she turns 11 months on the 10th. Pinky promise!!!


Picture taking has become interesting. At this point she no longer cares to smile or cooperate.

Weight: 15.5 pounds

Height: 26 inches

Clothing Size: 6 month clothes and some 9 month pjs

Diapers: Still in a size 2

Feeding: Eating lots of baby food and puffs and nursing 3-4 times a day.

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are bright blue and her hair is a little thicker and darker to me.

Sleep: She’s sleeping through the night for the most part. Aside from a few teething issues sleep has been great!

Her naps are getting better and I’m learning the hard way that we need a schedule. And I am not the schedule kinda mom. IMG_0588

Favorites: Turner Mc is loving her daddy. A major daddy phase is going on. She also loves her paci, the dogs (especially Dayne), and the cats. She’s addicted to baby crack, I mean puffs.


Fun stuff: She crawls!! My kid can totally crawl! And she has TWO teeth! It seems like she just woke up with them one day. She was fussy for maybe a week. It wasn’t bad at all.

She’s extremely vocal and loves to scream and shriek as loud as she can. She says mama and da da and she’s been perfecting her Vietnamese. She’s the most fun and her personality is awesome!



Oh yeah….remember Thanksgiving?!? She was 8 months back then.

And seriously, I love y’all!